About Us

Passion Jewellery Manufacturing Limited is the most desirable and fastest growing manufacturer, exporter and wholesaler of fine Handmade Jewellery in Hong Kong and abroad established more than a decade. Strategically managed by Hong Kong Headquarter and strict quality control by our Project management team in China, Passion Jewellery Manufacturing Limited has grown to a highly reputable jeweler serving clients from all over the world.


With a well-equipped manufacturing plant located in Panyu (Guangdong, China) and a unit of highly skilled and experienced artisans, every of our jewellery pieces is delicately designed and handcrafted, set with a wide selection of jewels - from unparalleled ideal-cut diamond, semi-precious or precious stones to any other materials which you can name.

With us, customers can expect a much shorter production lead time, as the plant is modernized by automated ground-work processing system to enhance productivity. We also welcome OEM or ODM orders as it possess the ability to personalize and customize any designs based on customers' requests. Its core values of Excellence and Consistency has enabled us to become the apparent choice for jewel retailers, wholesalers and distributors.

Mission Statement

Emblematizing the metamorphosis towards feminine beauty and self-distinctiveness, our trademark –Butterfly - reflects its profound understanding of the boundless desire in every wearer to display their most alluring self and individuality. Putting together our experience and our ability to create any jewellery piece, we determine to offer our clients the best possible service, selection, quality and value.

Our Diamonds

We evaluates and classifies diamonds according to the 4Cs (color, cut, clarity and carat) determined by GIA. The color of a diamond refers to the combination of three components: hue, saturation and tone. The color-grading scale for diamonds ranges from D to Z. A perfect diamond, scaled as D color, is the finest & brightest colorless. Without doubts, it is the most expensive among the white diamonds; usually for the discriminating customer who can afford the most beautiful and the rare. Whereas, G/H color is the most suitable color grade according to both the best price-performance ratio and the best harmony with designs. That’s why at Passion Jewellery Manufacturing Limited, diamonds in G/H color are generally used. Then of course, we can always cater to the variety of demands from our customers.

Ideally, you would want to buy a diamond that does not include any flaws that are visible to the naked eye. Such diamonds are called eye clean diamonds. Any clarity grade of VS1 or better will definitely be eye-clean. It is absolutely okay to buy a diamond with such clarity grade as long as you are aware that you are paying more money for a premium feature that is not directly noticeable to the bare eye. At Passion Jewellery Manufacturing Limited, with our stringent selection, we offer VS/SI clarity grades which are in fact the magic region of saving a lot of money and very often they are eye-clean, too!

We provide THE 5TH C --- Certificate.
We carry GIA certified diamonds at unbeatable prices.
The GIA are the creators of the 4'c of diamond grading. They exist to protect consumers buying diamonds so one you can rest assured that whatever has been purchased has been properly graded.

Our Gold

The gold used in jewelry is almost always a mixture of pure gold and other metals. The degree to which gold has been mixed with other metals is expressed in a unit called a Karat, represented by a letter "k" on a piece of jewelry. Karat is basically a unit used to measure the purity of gold. The higher the karatage, the purer the gold. When gold contains no other metals, it is said to be 24 karats (24k).

24 karat = 100% gold or Pure gold
22 karat = 91.7 % gold
18 karat = 75.0 % gold
14 karat = 58.3 % gold
12 karat = 50.0 % gold
10 karat = 41.7 % gold

18K gold consists of 75% gold and among commonly sold gold metals it has the highest amount of gold while maintaining the necessary resistance level to scratches and deformations.
With these properties, 18K gold is typically used for high-end jewellery which is also mostly preferred by our customers. As a manufacturer, we could of course produce jewellery in other karatage (i.e 14K or 9K, etc) based on customer's request and design required.